Acrocanthosaurus atokensis Skeleton – Skeleton Poster – Media Display ( BHI #127478 )

Acrocanthosaurus atokensis Skeleton – Skeleton Poster – Media Display

(BHI #127478)


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Display poster is specifically designed to complement our Acrocanthosaurus atokensis fossil replica skeleton exhibits. It describes the skeleton and gives insight into the it’s elements and injuries. A companion poster, describing the Acrocanthosaurus‘s skull, makes a complete and informative skeleton exhibit.

This poster is printed on high-quality, eleven-color, photographic large format printer. It is exhibit quality, not a half-toned, mass-produced poster.

  • Raw Display Poster
    • Ink – Pigment-based Epson UltraChrome HDX Finish
    • Paper – HP Everyday 7.4 mil Instant Dry Satin Photo
    • Print Life – Estimated 138 years of color stability under glass
    • Considerations
      • Surface of print must not be touched or wetted
      • Should be placed under a protective ‘glass’ surface
      • Not for display in direct sunlight, high temperatures or greater than 50% relative humidity.

BHI also licenses the poster’s individual photos and illustrations as electronic files for inclusion in your custom Acrocanthosaurus atokensis exhibit compositions. Alternatively, the poster’s content can be adjusted to fit your exhibit by BHI (fees applicable). Contact our media department for more details.



Acrocanthosaurus is a theropod dinosaur in the family Carcharodontosauridae within the superfamily Allosauroidea. Only four Acrocanthosaurus specimens have been found, all from Texas and Oklahoma. The arms and shoulders of Acrocanthosaurus are much larger and more heavily muscled than the arms of Tyrannosaurus rex. Acrocanthosaurus has extremely long vertebral spines along the neck, body, sacrum and proximal tail.

Preparation of this specimen was notably more difficult than many dinosaurs due to the abundant pyrite (iron disulfide), which added thousands of hours to the preparation. This specimen has nearly complete arms and shoulder girdles. The skull is one of the most complete dinosaur skulls preserved in any museum.

Acrocanthosaurus was the terror of the Early Cretaceous in North America. This magnificent rare dinosaur can be mounted in any “lifelike” pose. The steel support structure is almost entirely hidden. The mount is modular (about 50 pieces) and can be assembled by six people in as little as one hour.

Check out the Acrocanthosaurus page for more info on this specimen.

Notes While this poster is meant to accompany our Acrocanthosaurus skeleton exhibit, it will work equally well when used in exhibits of other Acrocanthosaurus material.
Size 24″ h x 36″ w (61 x 91 cm)
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