Archaeopteryx lithographica Skeleton – Display Replica ( BHI #126723 )

Archaeopteryx lithographica Skeleton – Display Replica

(BHI #126723)


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Archaeopteryx lived in the Jurassic period about 155 million years ago. With its rounded wings, long tail feathers, a jaw lined with very sharp teeth, curved claws, and bony tail Archaeopteryx has the distinction of being the oldest, most primitive known avian, with a very strong resemblance to theropod dinosaurs. This creature has sparked a great deal of controversy and debate in the paleontological world. Archaeopteryx has been found only in Germany in the Solnhofen limestone.

This excellent three-dimensional Skeleton of Archaeopteryx is a composite of several original specimens. Each bone was carefully removed from the casts, the backsides were sculpted, and then molded under the strict and watchful eye of renowned Ornithologist/Paleontologist Dr. Larry Martin from the University of Kansas.

Using the casts to produce this skeleton ensured that the original fossils were not harmed in any way.

This is the most accurate three dimensional Archaeopteryx skeleton ever produced.

Alternate poses available.

Age Late Jurassic [~ 155 MYA]
Locality Solnhofen Limestone, Bavaria, Germany
Credit University of Kansas Natural History Museum reconstruction
Notes Some restrictions may apply. May take approximately two months for production. Check with us to confirm build time and delivery.
Size ~ 17” l (43 cm)


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