Archelon ischyros Skeleton – Display Replica ( Hanging Mount or Floor Mount )

Archelon ischyros Skeleton – Display Replica

(Hanging Mount or Floor Mount)


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Archelon (a giant sea turtle) lived during the Late-Cretaceous Period, sharing its watery domain with ammonites, mosasaurs, huge fishes, and other extinct marine animals. The live weight of this Archelon is estimated to have been more than 4500 pounds!

Our giant Archelon replica is molded from the largest and most complete original specimen ever discovered. It was found on the east side of the Black Hills of South Dakota, and is now on display at the National Natural History Museum in Vienna, Austria. (This original specimen is much more complete and better preserved than the type specimen used to define the species.)

Our replica measures nearly 17′ (5.2 m) across from flipper tip to flipper tip. The carapace (shell) is nearly the size of a Volkswagen Beetle! We mount our replica skeleton in a steep diving pose on a single steel support post, or it can be hung from 3 cables. A more horizontal swimming pose is also an option. It is an absolutely perfect emissary to greet the guests at any marine museum or large aquarium, and would be equally exciting in a mix of other species.

Want a spectacular draw for your shopping center or amusement park? Our Archelon and your customers will get along swimmingly!

Available as hanging or floor mount. The hanging mount can be suspended by cables from three points on the carapace. The floor mount is on a painted steel base.

Go to the Archelon page for more on this specimen.

Display Replicas are painted by our experts to match the original fossil’s coloration. Note: some portions of the original fossil may have been scientifically restored.

Age Late Cretaceous (about 74 MYA)
Locality Pierre Shale, South Dakota
Notes May take approximately 6 months for production. Check with us to confirm build time and delivery.
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Black Hills Institute
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Archelon ischyros Skeleton

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