Archelon ischyros Skull – Display Replica ( Wall Mount or Steel Base )

Archelon ischyros Skull – Display Replica

(Wall Mount or Steel Base)


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The Archelon was the largest turtle that ever lived on Earth, and this skull is from the largest and most complete Archelon specimen that has been found. The skeleton was found in the Pierre Shale, associated with ammonites from the Didymoceras cheyennense Zone. The skull shape is unusual, designed for crushing, not biting. Like the extant Leatherback turtles that sometimes feed on cephalopods, this animal probably used its large bony jaws to crush and feed on ammonites and other large molluscs such as oysters and clams.

The original of this specimen is in the Vienna Museum of Natural History in Vienna, Austria. We are very pleased to be able to bring to you a precise reproduction of this amazing skull. It is presented on a painted steel base (as shown), or can be produced as a wall mount.Crate and packing fees apply. Contact us for details.

Display Replicas are painted by our experts to match the original fossil’s coloration. Solid ColorNote: some portions of the original fossil may have been scientifically restored.

Age Upper Campanian, Late Cretaceous (Approx. 65 MYA)
Locality Pierre Shale – Didymoceras cheyennense Zone
Custer County, South Dakota
Notes Standard production time is 1 month, check with us to confirm build time and delivery.
Size ~ 17″ l x 25″ w x 27″ h (43 x 63 x 69 cm) on steel base
Extras Crate and packing fees apply. Contact us for details.
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Archelon ischyros Skull

On Steel Base, Wall Mount