Edmontosaurus annectens Juvenile Skeleton – Display Replica ( BHI #126415 )

Edmontosaurus annectens Juvenile Skeleton – Display Replica

(BHI #126415)


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The Ruth Mason Quarry presents a fascinating snapshot of time in the Cretaceous world. Perhaps two thousand dinosaurs were wiped out in what appears to have been a single incident. The dinosaurs involved were adult and juvenile Edmontosaurus. The smallest of these appear to have been of minimum size for migrating animals, 1/4 size of the adults. It is believed that flash flooding, during migration season may be the cause of this monumental mishap.

The bones were transported from upstream and deposited down the coastal plain, in a fossil stream channel north of what is now Faith, South Dakota. Some bones were scavenged along the way; all became disarticulated. The scene was completely covered over with sediment and debris within about a five-year period.

DIANASAUR was produced from approximately 400 original bones found at the Ruth Mason Dinosaur Quarry near Faith, SD. It is lightweight and easy to assemble. Two people can set it up in about an hour! Makes a great display alone, with contemporaries from the Cretaceous, or as part of a migratory herd (much like the herd this one was from). Some of Edmontosaurus’s contemporaries include T. rexTriceratopsStruthiomimus, ornithomimid, Edmontonia and Pachycephalosaurus.

For more information and pictures go to the Edmontosaurus page.

Age Late Cretaceous [~66 MYA]
Locality Hell Creek Formation, Ruth Mason Quarry, Ziebach County, SD, USA
Credit The original composite skeleton was collected and prepared by Black Hills Institute, and is now on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, Houston, Texas.
Notes Standard production time is 6 months, check with us to confirm build time and delivery.
Size ~ 14’ 5” l (4.4 m)
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Black Hills Institute
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