JUDITH Spiclypeus shipporum Skull – Display Replica ( BHI #100127998 )

JUDITH Spiclypeus shipporum Skull – Display Replica

(BHI #100127998)


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This is a cast replica of the type specimen of Spiclypeus shipporum, a fairly complete specimen collected near the original discovery site of Ceratops montanus. Described and published in May of 2016, by Jordan C. Mallon, Christopher J. Ott, Peter L. Larson, Edward M. Iuliano and David C. Evans. 2016. Spiclypeus shipporum, named in honor of land owners, Bill and Linda Shipp and their family. The original fossil, CMN 58071, is at the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Ontario.

Age Late Cretaceous, Campanian [76 MYA]
Locality Judith River Formation, Fergus County, MT, USA
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Size ~ 63” l (160 cm)
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