Zerbst Trackway – Solid Color Replica ( BHI #126854 )

Zerbst Trackway – Solid Color Replica

(BHI #126854)


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Amaze your visitors with this truly fascinating snapshot of the past. This Cretaceous trackway holds the footprints of some of the most famous dinosaurs of all time. These tracks were formed in and around an oxbow lake during the Maastrichtian  Period. Some portions of the trackway surface preserved evidence algal colonies that were also present at that time. Maastrichtian dinosaur footprints are very rare, and it is believed the presence of the algae is the reason this astounding sequence of tracks was so well preserved. The dinosaurs involved in this still-life moment from the Cretaceous are Tyrannosaurus rexEdmontosaurusStruthiomimus a Caenagnathid and several small unknown birds.

Section ‘A’ has Struthiomimus sp. tracks.  ~ 164” x 33” (417 x 84 cm).  Ships in 2 pieces

Section ‘B’ has two Tyrannosaurus rex tracks and one bird track. ~ 115” x 85” (292 x 216 cm).

Section ‘C’ contains two Tyrannosaurus rex tracks, two Edmontosaurus sp. tracks, and one tail drag.) The Edmontosaurus tracks in Section ‘C’ are so well defined, even the texture of the footpads was preserved. ~ 115” x 85.5” (292 x 207 cm).

Section ‘D’ exhibits four Tyrannosaurus rex tracks, two Caenagnathid trackways, and two bird tracks. The Caenagnathid footprint in Section ‘D’ reveals the presence of a nearly backward hallux, a feature typically found on birds. ~ 105” x 107” (267 x 272 cm). Ships in 2 pieces


Age Late Cretaceous Maastrichtian [~66 MYA]
Locality Lance Formation, Niobrara County, Wyoming, USA
Notes Standard production time is 6 months, check with us to confirm build time and delivery.
Size Overall size: 41′ x 9’ (12.3 x 2.7 m)  Ships in 6 pieces.
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