Camarasaurus sp. Claw – Solid Color Replica ( BHI #100128225 )

Camarasaurus sp. Claw – Solid Color Replica

(BHI #100128225)


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Camarasaurus is among the most famous of the sauropod dinosaurs. Sauropods are the largest animals that ever walked the earth. Literally translated sauropod means ‘lizard feet’. They are commonly referred to as ‘Long Necks’. Camarasaurus is found in the Late Jurassic sediments of the Morrison Formation of North America. Camarasaurids had some of the largest skulls of all of the sauropods, however their neck and tail were not as long as some of their relatives. Adults were approximately 50 feet (15 m) long, weighed around 18 tons (16 tonnes) and stood about 12 feet (3.5 m) tall at the hips.

This is a replica of a Camarasaurus sp. claw excavated from the Waugh Quarry in Wyoming, USA. The Waugh Quarry is a Jurassic bone bed with associated skeletons.

Bone preservation at the Waugh Quarry equals or surpasses that of any other Morrison deposit. Many groups of Animals are represented at the Waugh Quarry.  These include bones, teeth and partial skeletons of the sauropods CamarasaurusBarosaurus and Brachiosaurus. Teeth and isolated bones of the theropods Allosaurus, Torvosaurus and Ornitholestes have also been collected. In addition we have found partial remains of Stegosaurus and the ornithopods Drinker and Othnelia, as well as turtles, mammals, pterosaurs and crocodilians.

Available as an unpainted, unmounted cast suitable for some research or reference purposes. Note: some portions of the original fossil may have been scientifically restored.


Age Late Jurassic [~150 MYA]
Locality Morrison Formation, Wyoming, USA
Notes Please contact us for production time and delivery.
Size ~ 4.6″ l (12 cm)


Black Hills Institute
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