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SUE Tyrannosaurus rex Bronze Tooth with Base – Special Edition ( BHI #100129244 )

SUE Tyrannosaurus rex Bronze Tooth with Base – Special Edition

(BHI #100129244)


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    • In celebration of Black Hills Institute’s 50th Anniversary, we are proud to offer this Bronze Replica of SUE’s second or third maxillary tooth! Mounted on a custom base cast from matrix found with a T. Rex specimen, painstaking attention to detail has resulted in this research quality display. There will only ever be 50 of these made.
    • This item is a product of the artistry, artwork, and preparation of BHI and/or their affiliates. As such it is protected under United States and International Copyright laws. Any duplication of The Work without written authorization of the copyright holder(s) is not permitted and is subject to civil and criminal prosecution, excluding the following:
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    Included with this product is a 50th Anniversary logo printed on high quality parchment, signed by Peter Larson, an illustration of the tooth by Ella Larson, and an informational sheet. Included with the informational sheet is an ACTUAL piece of the police tape from SUE’s seizure. These sheets are perfect for framing to accompany the replica.

    Limited run of only 50 will be made. Special Edition tooth with serial number.
    Custom and numbered matrix base produced and hand painted by BHI. All items come in a custom box.


    Age Late Cretaceous [~66 MYA]
    Locality Hell Creek Formation, Ziebach County, South Dakota, USA
    Credit SUE T. rex, discovered by Sue Hendrickson, collected by Black Hills Institute in 1990, partially prepared by BHI in 1990 – 1992.
    Notes Limited run of only 50 are available. Please contact us for production time and delivery.
    Size Tooth on base is 11.5″.
    Materials Bronze tooth is on resin base.


    Black Hills Institute
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    Weight 9 lbs
    Dimensions 17 × 14 × 10 in
    Tyrannosaurus rex STAN™ Tooth

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