Turtle Egg Clutch In Situ – Solid Color Replica ( BHI #127598 )

Turtle Egg Clutch In Situ – Solid Color Replica

(BHI #127598)


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Eggs from this fresh water locality in China have been remarkably well preserved. Many fossil eggs are of indeterminate origin. Complete embryos within unhatched eggs, upon examination, have been identified as turtle. The female laid a fairly large clutch of egg into a burrow she created in order to give her offspring a fighting chance. One of the things this information tells us is that 70 million years ago, turtles engaged in much the same behavior as they do now.

Our Turtle Egg Clutch In Situ, cast replica is produced from an excellent specimen.

Available as an unpainted, unmounted cast suitable for some research or reference purposes. Note: some portions of the original fossil may have been scientifically restore

Age Upper Cretaceous [~70 MYA]
Locality China
Notes Please contact us for production time and delivery.
Size 8” l x 6” w x 3.25” d (20 x 15 x 8.3 cm)


Black Hills Institute
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